SIS Property and Tourism listings on your smartphone

SIS Property and Tourism listings on your smartphone.

SIS Property and Tourism has added in all listings and webpages the QR code. A code that allows to see all the information and details from the website on your smartphone.

What is a QR Code? 
A QR code (Quick Response code), is a type of barcode that can be easily scanned with your smartphone. It will take you straight to a webpage, without typing in long and complicated web addresses. This QR codes will make easy to promote a property or an entire property portfolio offline.

House hunters can have a quick and easy access to property details, including pictures, floor plans and contact info, all on their phone. Just it needs to scan the code using a smartphone and the smartphone will be taken straight to a property page, search, or details on the web. No typing required!
Sellers and landlords can have a new tool to promote better their property. Simply print out your property’s SIS P&T QR code and start advertising, maybe in your facebook profile or twitter, the house front door, window or anywhere else you can think.
3-steps guide to QR Code
1- Download a QR Code App on your smartphone
2- Launch the app
3- Scan the QR Code on www.sispropertyandtourism.co.uk pages
Author: SIS Property and Tourism

SIS Property and Tourism in business since 2004 as the international branch of Studio Immobiliare Spano, real estate agency founded in 1990. SIS P&T has developed into one of the most specialized local based agencies in this Puglia's area dealing with international clients who intends to invest in the Puglia property market.

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