SIS Property and Tourism Services

SIS Property and Tourism Services

Want to buy house in Puglia? Read below and find out how we can help you find your dream home in this corner of Italy.

Our main aim is to provide impartial advice to ensure that our clients are well informed on the particulars of the house they wish to buy and assist them throughout the Italian buying process by removing any risks associated with the sale.

Our Standard Service 
In Italy usually buyers and sellers both pay an agency commission when purchasing a property, which ranges from 3 – 5% (plus Italian VAT of 22%). SIS Property and Tourism charges a commission of 3% (plus VAT) of the full agreed purchase price upon the acceptance of the Offer to Buy (Proposta d’Acquisto) with a minimum charge of € 3.000 plus VAT. In Italy, the legal obligation of an Estate Agent ends once the Preliminary Contract (Compromesso) is completed. At SIS we understand that this alone would create serious problems for our foreign clients. As well as taking our client’s through all the property purchase stages, we also assist with the other important and necessary requirements such as opening of bank accounts and so on.

We therefore include within our standard fee the following services:

  • First property search
    Once we understand your needs we will access all properties that match your criteria. By e-mail you will receive information, floor plans and pictures of the properties selected that are on our portfolio at the present time.
  • Additional search
    If you are ready to visit the properties, please advise us as soon as you can and we will do an additional search of properties before you leave.
  • Viewings
    Viewings can be conducted by appointment all the year round, 7 days a week. We can also arrange your accommodation here in Salento in the southern part of Puglia, and your business trip could become a relaxing break.
  • Property discussion
    We will discuss all the property you have selected and visited.
  • Tax/Legal general advice
    We have extensive knowledge on these matters. We will guide and explain to you the Italian buying and taxation process.
  • Negotiation on pricing and drawing the Offer to buy (Proposta d’Acquisto)
    We will guide you on the best price to be offered and we will draw up the offer to buy both in Italian and English.
  • Codice Fiscale
    In order to purchase property in Italy it is necessary to first have a Codice Fiscale (similar to a National Insurance number in the UK). We will assist you in the application process of your Codice Fiscale.
  • Introductions to banks and financial services
    In Italy it is a requirement that you have an Italian bank account before you can purchase property. We can help by making the introduction to local banks, help you with the opening of your account and with other financial services including money transfer.
  • Final phase
    Preparing all papers for the Final Deed and arranging the appointment with the Italian Notary Public. This will also include arranging for interpreter services throughout the actual transfer of title, as reassurance to you the client and also all other parties, that you fully understand the exact extent of what is included in the property purchase.

Personal Tailored Service 
Some clients like to have more of a one to one support and we can offer this for a simple registration fee which will be returned to you by being deducted from our final fee when you purchase a property through SIS Property and Tourism. This initial fee covers some of our time and costs and means that we can dedicate more effort and time to assisting you while you are searching for a property. This fee includes the following services:

  • Discussion on clients’ requirements
    After our initial discussion we will provide a printed consultation to confirm that we are sending you the right type of properties as they come on to the market..
  • Extensive search
    We will enlarge our search to various other estate agents, to source properties to fit your criteria. For example: – Replat MLS, ICREA or FIAIP (all of whom are registered and follow our code of conduct).
  • Property alert
    As soon as properties come on to the market that we think fit your requirements you will be among the very first to view their details.
  • Viewings
    Throughout our network of estate agents (FIAIP, ICREA, MLS) we will arrange appointments for you to view the properties you have selected. We can plan all your viewing trips to Puglia and book accommodation for your stay.
  • Fact finding
    Whether you need information on tax, local schools or services, we can find it for you. We have extensive knowledge and information on all areas that we cover that will answer any queries, questions or concerns you have.
  • Negotiation on pricing
    We will negotiate the price of the property on your behalf.
  • Advice on mortgages
    We can liaise with local banks or suggest UK sources to assist.
  • Checking and translating documents
    We will check or translate documents, Offer to Buy (proposta d’acquisto) or Preliminary Contract (Compromesso), if necessary in partnership with other agents.
  • Solicitors introduction
    SIS Property and Tourism is able to put clients in touch with English speaking Italian lawyers and solicitors for accurate checks of all documents.
  • Arranging the final phase
    Checking and preparing all papers for the Final Deed and arranging the appointment with the Italian Notary Public, who may well possibly be English speaking.
  • Power of Attorney
    If required by the Notary, can assist by being given your power of attorney to make the signature on the final deed, on your behalf, as well as providing general advice on the completion process.

Additional Services And Fees 
We at SIS Property and Tourism understand that there are not only language and cultural differences for our foreign clients, there is also sometimes just the simple obstacle of distance to cope with. Many day to day problems that could be routine at home can be very difficult to deal with in a foreign land. We are pleased to be able to offer a service that can answer these problems, but as they are outside of our normal scope, in a number of cases we must make a charge for this extended service.
However we will always provide you with our fee scale in advance and give you the chance to decide if you wish us to proceed:

  • After sales support
    Changing utility bills into your name, eg. ENEL(Electricity), AQP (water), TV license, Telephone , IMU ex ICI (Council Tax), Rubbish collection tax. This service will require a small charge.
  • Rentals
    Support with short or long term rentals of your property, through our lettings agency Studio Immobiliare Spano, will be charged 10% plus VAT for the peak season and 20% plus VAT on the low and off season.
  • Relocation
    Introductions to the local authority departments responsible for residency and other legal obligations and general tips will be free of charge but additional support, phone calls and arranging of appointments will be charged accordingly.
  • Building, Renovation, planning support and consultation
    SIS Property and Tourism will be happy to make introductions and recommendations for architects, local surveyors and builders, but continued assistance throughout a project will involve agreeing on a fee beforehand.
  • Property Management and Keys holding
    We are pleased to be able to offer a property management service and keys holding service for a small monthly charge.
  • Various arrangements
    We can assist with car purchase, furniture purchase, booking services, etc. at very reasonable rates.
  • Buildings and Contents Insurance
    Similarly we can help with buildings and contents insurance either through an Italian company or via a UK source (please note that insurance is not mandatory in Italy).
  • Documents’ delivery
    Documents requiring your signature – we can help by arranging their collection and delivery to you.
  • Additional services
    If there are other services not mentioned above that you like us to provide for you, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are always pleased to try to help

Please note, all fees for additional services will be agreed in advance.