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FIAIP: Manifesto for the revival of the real estate in Italy

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FIAIP (Italian Federation of Professional Estate Agents) last month has organized an interesting conference in Rome on the recovery of the real estate sector in Italy. The conference was attended by estate agents from all over Italy, including SIS Property and Tourism, as well as journalists and politicians. Here the “Manifesto” of the conference with the 11 PROPOSALS FOR THE LAUNCH OF REAL ESTATE IN ITALY.

The 79% of Italians own their primary residence, 1,400,000 workers are involved in the real estate industry, 4.2 trillion is the value of civil house and 1 trillion is the value of property destined to other uses. These few data are sufficient to understand how the real estate industry, as well as being a driving force for our economy, always assume a vital role for the welfare and stability of the core of our society: the family.

Unlike other countries, the widespread real estate ownership has produced wealth for the majority of citizens, rather than result in a benefit of a few large landowners. The widespread ownership has encouraged the formation of popular capitalism, which over time has remained immune from the crisis produced by the excessive financialization of markets and which guaranteed at the same time, with its own capital, the Italian national debt.

Among the factors that are moving away Italians from property investments there are high taxation of the good “house”, which in these last year became the highest in Europe, and the erosion of property values due to an unjust taxation, which stikes the assets and not its income. Depressive Policies recently applied to real estate, together with the difficulty of granting credit, have caused the loss of 500,000 jobs in the last four years.


1) Reduce the tax burden on real estate, tax simplification and elimination of worthless authorities.
2) Taxing income from assets and not assets itself.
3) Reduce debt selling the State‘s property assets.
4) Elimination of tax on primary residence.
5) Revision of the Law on leases.
6) No more ground consumption, but recovery the existing buildings.
7) Earmark the unsold houses to social housing, no new construction.
8) Facilitate access to credit for the purchase of a first home.
9) Facilitate access to credit through real estate agents.
10) transition from auxiliary trade to intellectual profession for real estate agents.
11) Fight against the illegal tax evasion and unauthorized agents.

It is more than ever necessary to proceed with a plan to revitalize the real estate industry because the recessive policies, put in place to plug holes in the state budget, will not last forever. The obvious course, that anyone will govern Italy in the coming years will have to
implement, is to completely reform the expensive structure that governs our country, leaving place to private initiative and creating opportunities for those who want to rely on their skills . Without economic relaunch in general and in real estate sector in particular, Italy will be sucked into the vortex of decline. Today facing the economical problems only by ideological point of view, can only bring further damage to our country.

To grow Italy needs to free up both economical and intellectual resources and energies that are currently stifled by an intolerable tax burden, which takes away the hope of entrepreneurs and prevents the survival of the employees. The real estate sector, as a whole, covers all aspects of the economy, has strong implications for the tourist sector, is the basis for the establishment of foreign industrial enterprises, is a source of work for SMEs, the professions, the
field of architecture, design and much more, so describe this sector as unproductive is a very big mistake.

For this reason, we say again… If real estate will perks up, ITALY WILL PERKS UP TOO

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