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It would be easy to write a list of the wonderful properties that are available in Italy, but the reality is that without the Italian people, the country would be empty. The reason for looking for property in Italy is the combination of the houses and apartments that are on sale and the chance to live among such a vibrant,
enthusiastic and energetic people. Some 25 or 30 years ago, there was just a trickle of Britons looking for properties in Italy. Today, that trickle has turned into a torrent. Ask any of those people why they moved to Italy and they’ll all tell you the same thing – the Italian lifestyle. Maybe Italy comes down to just one word – choice. It’s a ‘live as you want’ society, with tolerance being an important word to describe how people live. But there’s no way of knowing without giving it a try.
Popular locations – an overview
Italian property prices have risen in recent years – it’s no use denying an obvious
fact – but, in comparison to other countries, Italy remains pretty good value,
especially in rural areas. Of course, anyone looking for a property overlooking the
Piazza San Marco in the heart of Venice had better have a pretty deep purse. But for those prepared to look a bit further afield, to areas that don’t have the estate agent’s fivestar rating, it’s still possible to find a lovely home surrounded by towns redolent of history and romance. There’s a lot of Italy to explore, and it’s well worth taking some time over it.
The trick is to be sure of three things:
1) What sort of area should the property be located in? (Mountains, sea, country, in a town, in a village)
2) What is the property for? (Holidays, letting, retirement, skiing)
3) Does the available budget cover all the costs? (Remember all the hidden extras)

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