How to get to Puglia

On this page we give you some information on how to get to Puglia:

getting puglia by plane


Apulia’s Airports are Brindisi Casale “Aeroporto del Salento” and Bari “Karol Wojtyla”. Please click on www.seap-puglia.it to check all the airports’ services. Once there, we suggest to rent a car  to continue your journey or book a cab to your final destination.

  • Ryanair flies directly almost every day from London Stansted to Puglia’s airports.

During the summertime to

  1. BRINDISI (BDS) on Tue-Thu-Sat-Sun, departure 6.45 – arrival 10.40, the return flight is due at 11.05 and arrives in London Stansted at 13.20
  2. BARI (BRI) on Mon-Tue-Thu-Fri-Sat, departure 16.55 – arrival 20.40, the return flight is due at 21.05 and arrives in London Stansted at 23:10.

During the wintertime to

    1. BRINDISI (BDS) on Tue-Thu-Sat, departure 6.45 – arrival 10.40, the return flight is due at 11:05 and arrives in London Stansted at 13.20
    2. BARI (BRI) on Tue-Thu-Sat, departure 16.55 – arrival 20.24 the return flight is due at 21.05 and arrives in London Stansted at 23:10.
  • Ryanair also flies to Apulia’s airports:

To Bari from: Brussels (Belgium), Paris (France), Baden-Baden, Dusseldorf Weeze and Frankfurt Hahn (Germany), Kos (Greece), Dublin (Ireland), Malta (Malta), Maastricht (Netherlands), Valencia (Spain).
To Brindisi from: Brussels (Belgium), Paris (France), Girona Barcelona (Spain), Eindhoven (Netherlands), Stockholm Skavsta (Sweden)
For further information and reservation, please visit www.ryanair.com

  • Easyjet.com flies to Brindisi from: Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg and Ginevra (Swiss), Paris Orly (France), Milan Malpensa (Italy); or to Bari from: Paris Charle de Gaulle (France), London Gatwick (UK), Milan Malpensa (Italy).

Check all the mayor airlines company flights clicking on opodo.co.uk 

getting puglia by train


You can easily travel from UK by Eurostar through the Channel tunnel to Paris (about 3 hours) and there to Italy, precisely to Puglia (Lecce, Brindisi, Bari) where all our property for sale and holiday accommodation are. For further information and reservations visit Eurostar.

The suggested route is Artesia (Paris, Lyon, Turin, Milan and Rome) which connects London-Paris to Italy. You may also decide to travel in the night time with the Artesia France-Italy night service, directly to Rome (Termini) in 15 hours or during the day with the France-Italy Artesia day and being in Milan in less than 5 hours from Lyon. Book train tickets to Italy.

We also suggest to visit www.trenitalia.com to reach the final destination, Lecce, which can be easily reached either from Rome or Milan. Travelling by train could be a fantastic opportunity to see numerous places in once. Moreover great bargains are provided for those under 26 years of age, great savings for over 60 and fantastic promotions for everybody. Please be aware that once you have purchased the ticket, you must validate it before boarding the train at special yellow machines that can be found all along the platforms. Failure to do so will result in a fine. No smoking policy on all trains in Italy.

getting puglia by car


As in the rest of continental Europe, vehicles travel on the right and overtake on the left. Italy uses international road signs, National motorways signs are indicated by the letter A followed by a number written in white on a green background. They are subject to tolls, except south Salerno, Bari, Brindisi and Lecce. Regional motorways signs are indicated by letters SP (strada provinciale) followed by a number written in white on a blue background. Travelling by car could be a fantastic opportunity for those who want to be free to choose their own route, from the slower, panoramic roads to the faster motorway. Obviously, we recommend to pay a lot of attention, double-check your route before you travel and to consider time for possible delays and breaks.

We suggest to visit www.viamichelin.com which uses exclusive mapping covering 40 European countries from road maps to detailed plans. Moreover, it is regularly updated and its database contains 7 millions kilometers of roads and streets. It also offers information on the weather, traffic and service stations. Please check the official Italian motorway website www.autostrade.it